About Us


The Nalle Pharmacy is an independent, specialty pharmacy in the community that has been in business for over 40 years. Our focus is serving the Carolinas’ metropolitan communities and their satellites in pain management, infertility medications, fertility prescriptions, fertility injections, eye drop compounding, as well as other sterile compounding. We also serve as a vaccination pharmacy.

We began as an independent pharmacy and became an integral part of the Nalle Clinic in 1980, managing the pharmaceutical services of this eventual 140 physician group. With the closing of the Nalle Clinic in 2000, the pharmacy continues to carry the name of this most respective 85 year old institution – in order to continue our service and commitment to the communities we serve.

Our owner, Tommy Dagenhart, RPh, has won several awards including Roche Practitioner of the year award and the Merck Award for outstanding achievement in the profession of pharmacy.